How Overflow Reception Services Can Be The Saving Grace for Your Business

How Overflow Reception Services Can Be The Saving Grace for Your Business

CallHero’s live virtual receptionist will ease your bombardment of phone calls

Everyone knows what it means to be busy. Whether it’s at home with the kids or at work, there are always going to be busy times.

If you are meeting with a client, and someone calls you, there is no button to put your client on hold – and you don’t want to mess up your etiquette.

It is such a let down to miss a phone call opportunity if you are busy with something else.

Welcome to 2020, there is a solution for that!

Let’s talk a little bit about seasonal businesses now and why overflow reception is especially important for them.

Seasonal businesses regarding on specific holidays like Christmas or Halloween face many challenges each year including cash flow during offseason, hiring and retaining staff, and inventory management.

So, when it comes to seasonal businesses, all phone calls are important because it can be a great offer or opportunity to help boost their business. 

With all the media and technology, many companies ignore how important each and every phone call can be.

There are many reasons why unanswered calls happen, for example, when you’re overwhelmed with work or too busy focusing on other important tasks.

Having a virtual receptionist will save you from that bombardment of phone calls and allow you to spend time on the things you really need to do.

Virtual receptionists are great for seasonal businesses because, with all the work they are doing off-season and preparation, they can’t focus on answering every phone call.

Plus, 80 percent of people don’t even bother to leave voicemails these days. 

Missed calls have major effects on the business, especially revenue, short term, and long term. After a while, it all adds up and causes damage.

No, you don’t need to hire a new employee now to handle this. A virtual receptionist will do that work faster and better.

At CallHero, The First Ever Digital Secretary, overflow reception is one of our many significant features to help our clients save time and money.

The app will automatically screens calls from numbers that are not in your contacts and makes sure you know who’s calling and why.

CallHero’s AI Secretary filters call based on what the caller actually says, so you can make informed decisions about calls in real-time.

No matter the season, CallHero has got you covered. 

Check out CallHero here.

CallHero is your virtual receptionist

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