5 Great Tips for Creating Customer Greetings for CallHero

5 Great Tips for Creating Customer Greetings for CallHero

The way you communicate with your customers has a big impact on your brand. The goal is to convey the information in a way that will satisfy your customers’ needs. That’s why customer greetings play a key role and you can use CallHero to get the most from them.

They want to talk to a human being and be treated like a human being and you want to make sure you have a good call control so they leave with a positive experience which then results in returning customers and referral marketing.

In business, there are face to face interactions that we all know already, should be done with a smile and a warm personality. However, how should you do customer greetings through the phone? Brands prioritize the digital experience they have to offer and it is crucial to use that time wisely and properly to communicate with your customers. 

Businesses receive all kinds of calls, every single day. Google states, that 61% of mobile searchers describe calls as an important part of the buying process and want to contact businesses by phone. There are the legitimate calls and of course, the famous spam calls that people would rather not receive. People waste precious time answering unnecessary calls and could be using that time to work with their loyal customers. The goal is to avoid spam calls as much as possible while still allowing your customers to have a good experience. That is where CallHero comes into play, the first-ever digital secretary.

Allow CallHero to do the work for YOU:

Communication can make or break a business and CallHero is here to help. CallHero is a digital secretary that screens your calls which aren’t in your contacts. With the groundbreaking technology of AI, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let CallHero do the rest. It is an efficient way to manage the bombardment of calls that you and others receive daily. Here are some benefits using CallHero:

  • You can personalize your digital secretary to your desires. (create a custom message, voice, personalize customer greetings etc.)

  • You will have less stress throughout your day.

  • You will save precious time.

  • You won’t have to hire anyone physically to do the work for you. It is as easy as downloading an app. 

CallHero lets you personalize customer greetings

Here Are 5 Tips to Professionally Represent Your Business:

Want to improve the experience for your customers? Here are a few tips to get on that track.

  1. Professionalism. The last thing you want to do is sound disreputable. People like to hear that you know what you are and have your facts straight. This includes also talking clearly and precisely, making sure they hear every word. With CallHero, you have many voice options to choose from that can personalize a message based on your business and what they represent.

  2. Mention your business name. It is always important for people to hear your name. Names get around and referral marketing is a proactive way to bring customers in. Yes, word of mouth still works even with all the technology. Make sure you take advantage of the time you have with the customer and make it beneficial for both parties.

  3. Explain the callers’ options. Having options makes customers more satisfied. Customers love to hear what’s in store for them. Based on psychological research, customers expect to have multiple options available to them. So, why not? 

  4. Short & specific. Although we want all the time to talk to our customers, they don’t always have the time and patience. So, be smart! Choose your words wisely. 

  5. Test them out! Make sure to try one variation and then another one to see which one performs better. It is another simple way to try and excel.

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