Phone calls, for the hard of hearing

CallHero is a human-like virtual secretary that acts as a real-time intermediary between the caller and the hard of hearing user. The system transcribes the phone call with the user who dictates a reply via typing, predefined conversation flows or sign language.


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Phone calls, for everyone

While most of us take daily phone calls for granted 10% of the population currently is, and has been for a very long time, mostly excluded from this channel of communication.

Until now!

We founded CallHero two years ago to block RoboCalls and help people answer only valuable incoming calls.

Since our launch, we have discovered – through community demand – a far more important mission.

Our technology can truly impact the lives of the deaf and those who are hard of hearing, everywhere. 

Our magic, explained.

Phone calls, both incoming and outgoing, are forwarded to the CallHero service. 

A human like,  AI-powered, virtual assistant engages with the caller, on behalf of the user. The user can engage via typing, sending to predefined conversation flows or via sign-language.

Sign language Interpretation

A core innovation and challenge is the real-time interpretation of sign language. As signing is considerably faster than typing, this breakthrough will allow users to communicate in voice in near real-time.

Due to the significant impact of real-time sign language interpretation technology, we intend to open-source it and stimulate an international community effort. 

The open-source license will allow free personal use. We are already imagining a community plugin for Zoom conferences.

SMB's already love us!

Almost everyone is bombarded with spam calls, which means we have to waste our time and energy filtering calls. Our existing commercial service, loved by SMB’s, allows automated call screening for everyone.  


One of your contacts is calling? Your phone will ring as usual


A unknown number ? Our AI will ask who’s calling and why


CallHero’s AI detects whether the call is real or not.


Only real calls ring and you’re given the name and reason for the call

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To fuel our pivot, mainly the complex R&D challenge of real-time ASL interpretation, we are now raising our Round A. 

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about this social impact investment opportunity.

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A worthy challenge

We are on an impact mission to enable 10% of the world a new way to participate with the other 90% via phone.

A for-profit startup, with revenue channels from health insurers and SMBs for our commercial app. 

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