Maximizing Productivity As A Small Business Owner

Maximizing Productivity As A Small Business Owner

How many of you don’t end up leaving a voicemail for that person you called or even check and listen to your own? Yes, I’m sure a lot of you. Voicemails are annoying. The average voicemail response rate is 4.8%, which just shows us that most people do not check or respond to their voicemail messages. It makes a lot of people want to give up on that old service. It is simply unenjoyable to be talking to an automated machine who says the same thing over and over, which is another reason to not like voicemails. It is the same for every caller and is not genuinely “there to help”. 

In recent years, Coca-Cola made the move to remove voicemail services at one of their headquarters. People can send a text or email instead which is what most millennials want. Other companies, like Google, for example, created something called Google Voice which transcribes voicemail into text but still something with no other secretarial features. Another groundbreaking change was made by JP Morgan Chase & Co., one of the largest banking institutions in the U.S.A., by eliminating voicemails as well and saving $10 a month per person. Millennials are craving something digital to do work for them and save them time on the little things. More tech and media-savvy people are joining the workforce and this is exactly why a digital secretary should replace a voicemail system or hiring an actual employee. Businesses want things done faster, easier, and cheaper, and with technology like Artificial Intelligence, it is VERY possible.


Forget about voicemail and start thinking of hiring a Digital Secretary. It is life-changing. Now, here are four ways why having a Digital Secretary will be greatly beneficial for you. 

  1. A digital secretary will not only answer for you, but they will also answer who YOU choose. 
  2. The software will answer what YOU want it to answer. It is all personalized.
  3. It will be up and running 24/7, so you won’t lose any important call.
  4. After the first step is done, they will organize your calls for you based on your needs. 


CallHero, The First Ever Digital Secretary is a perfect example. They are a company based on AI to help you save money and precious time. They reinvented incoming calls. You will now know at all times who is calling and why. 

You want your business to keep moving forward? Having a Digital Secretary will change the game. No matter where you are or what time it is, CallHero is available. You will automatically see a notification when someone tries contacting who they are and what they are looking for so you don’t have to waste time with spam calls or unimportant people. Your life will become better organized and you will feel more productive overall with newly available time focused on the most crucial things, whether in your personal or business life. 

Ready to learn more and see what CallHero is all about? 

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