3 suggestions to exceed the new customer expectations

3 suggestions to exceed the new customer expectations

What are customer expectations?

Customer expectations are what your customers expect to receive from your product or service that you offer. Customers have many different expectations. As businesses grow, so do the customers’ expectations and the goal is to learn how to satisfy them.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates.

In every business, there will always be happy and less happy customers but you learn more from unhappy ones. You learn how to grow based on your customers’ feedback and analyzing over time. 

The CallHero app will help your business to fulfill your customer expectations

How are customer expectations changing?

In the digital age, people are getting more and more used to easier and faster ways to reach information, services or any other thing they are searching for.

It is becoming more and more evident as technology improves and customers can, then, have better services. As the standard changes, so do the expectations.

Users at digital platforms do not want to keep navigating for too long in the search for what they want as they would do back in a bookstore back in the 90s, for example. As well, the internet provides us a whole new world of options that are much more available than they would be in an analogical environment.

What if we combine both? People have a huge bunch of options nowadays, but the way to them is even shorter than it used to be in a – not so distant – past.

What does that mean? You have to adapt your way to fulfill their customer expectations. Here are some tips to learn how:

Three things customers expect from you: 

  • Customers expect personalization: Today, 70% of millennials are frustrated with brands sending irrelevant emails. They want to be treated as individual human beings.

    For example, Netflix is a company that is extremely personalized. Netflix allows each member to have a different view of content that adapts to their interests.

    CallHero, The First Ever Digital Secretary, is another company that allows customers to have a personalized experience.

    With CallHero, you can easily customize the secretary to say what you want, how you want them to say it, and when to say it. 

  • Customers want things quick and easy. We are living in the ‘want now’ reality. In this digital age, it is all about what the customer can get and how fast they can get it. Whatever is fast, easy, and convenient. When communicating with your customers, give them fast and genuine answers.

    Make sure you don’t leave customers waiting too long. Oh, and human service agents are a must. By 2020, 45% of consumers say they will switch brands if a company doesn’t actively anticipate their needs. As things become more instant, so do the customers’ expectations. 

  • Customers want you to be real with them. Transparency in the digital age is huge. The more you are honest about pricing, technicalities, advertisement, etc., the more your customers will trust you and come back for more. Organizational transparency becomes relevant as a path on the road to facing customer disengagement.

    They want you to show who you really are through whichever platforms you are marketing to them on and want to see “behind the scenes”. Today there is so much known corruption, people are extremely careful with which businesses to be involved with or not. Be careful. 

Meeting your customers’ expectations will get you farther than you think. At CallHero, you will achieve those goals you’ve ever wanted by just downloading the software to your business phone!

This app works as a digital secretary for you, with real customizable voices, you won’t have to worry about losing an important business call ever again. Give it a try! I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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