How CallHero Can Save You From Spam Calls and More

How CallHero Can Save You From Spam Calls and More

As you guys have heard before, CallHero is an accessible AI-driven application to help you deal with the daily problem that is continuing to waste your time: the annoying spam calls. 

Although nobody seems to like them and everybody is trying to avoid them, spam calls grew 18% in 2019. Thinking about it, CallHero developped an AI capable of identifying and shutting them down with an accuracy higher than 90%. But did you know that the app can provide you other key features to help your business perform better, covering a 24/7 customer service, leveraging CRM data for improvements and maximize your productivity as a whole?

We have used Artificial Intelligence to create a human-sounding secretary for your business. The secretary can answer the phone when you are busy with clients or during after hours and can help them to schedule appointments with you as well as other functions that are important for your business. It will help you avoid those irritating unwanted calls, such as spam, robocalls, scammers, telemarketers, your famous “do not call” list, and many more. Lastly, for your peace of mind, CallHero uses advanced security measures when handling your information, keeping it fully encrypted, screening every call, and storing it locally on your device. 

CallHero can do more than just blocking spam calls

Focus on your business and let CallHero talk to your customers before they reach out to your competitors. Want to learn more? Take a look at these features: 

  • Custom introduction.CallHero is more than blocking spam calls We allow our customers to customize their experience with our application, making CallHero stand apart from competing applications. With CallHero, you can customize how your digital secretary responds to calls based on your business’s needs. There are many options to choose from to make your secretary appear realistic and personalized to your business type. By setting up a custom intro, you can be more helpful and available to your customers at all hours. It focuses on what is important for the business and helps acquire the right clients. 
  • Outside of work hours. We have brought you something that will change the game. This personal secretary is not only working the 9-5 grind. This secretary is working 24/7, or really whenever you want it to. For example, if you have an important client calling in from a different time zone and you are not available, your secretary will be there for you so that no opportunity is ever missed. Not only will you not have to hire someone to handle your calls, but payments for overtime will be avoided. CallHero has got you covered. 
  • Book appointments with SMS. Customers want it easy and fast. Nowadays with all the technology and different applications available, people prefer doing things digitally, including scheduling appointments. Many things can be done online now from grocery shopping, booking a workout class, and making a doctor’s appointment. Your customers will have a unique experience with your AI secretary managing their every need, at any time. This feature will save you time and effort. Who would not want that? 
So, are you willing to finish all of your time-wasting spam calls and also improve your business performance with a 24/7 AI-powered digital secretary? Check out CallHero!

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