How a Digital Secretary Can Help Boost Your Business

How a Digital Secretary Can Help Boost Your Business

This 24/7 Digital Secretary will get you back in the game.


Welcome to CallHero, The First AI-Powered Digital Secretary, and the ultimate call management solution for your business. With CallHero, you will be saving plenty of money and precious time. Running businesses are tough, especially smaller businesses with smaller budgets. You want to be able to work on growing the business and the secretary duties nowadays are evolving; you will see why later on. 

Secretaries and assistants need to be paid a legitimate consistent salary, be taken care of by their employers, and are limited in their work availability. With a virtual secretary, you are in control of how they answer, what they answer, and when they answer.  Here are a few reasons why Digital Secretaries are winning: 


  1. Cost-effective:  You don’t need to go through that bothersome process of hiring an employee to do those simple tasks for you anymore. It is usually a small monthly or daily payment, but it will still add up to less than a real paycheck. With the money saved, you can invest more into building your business and brand. A digital secretary will no doubt improve your productivity and your staff. Here is something to make you think:  The average salary for a secretary job is $25,805 per year in the United States. Think about what you can do with that money, from one year only. 
  2. Availability: A Digital Secretary works 24/7 or really whenever you want it to, and it is overall more accessible. An average secretary usually works a 9-5 hour shift, but, this secretary is continuously working while you are home, abroad, or even taking a good nap. It will take all your calls into account and organize them for you to make you more available to those who really need you. 
  3. Time-saving: Digital secretaries are not only cost-efficient but time-saving as well. In businesses, many hours are spent by the secretary or others waiting for calls to come in, answer them, organize them into a calendar of some sort, and then forward to their superiors. This is not tedious, but definitely time-consuming. We all know time is precious, especially when talking about big and small businesses. Let’s get real, we all know “time is money”. Let the digital secretary give you back that time you’ve been waiting for to focus on other aspects of the business. 

Have you ever heard of having a secretary in your pocket available at all times? Yep, you heard that right. It is now possible with CallHero. Learn more about it here!

CallHero's digital secretary will help you boost your business

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