Say hello to your new secretary.

We get it, you’re busy. So we’re introducing the first AI-powered digital Secretary. It answers customers when you can’t, 24/7.

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Rated 4.6 stars with over 500+ reviews

The last secretary you’ll
ever need to hire

CallHero answers customers when you can’t

Focus on your business and let CallHero talk to your customers before they reach out to the competitors.

Be available 24/7 for
your customers

Stay ahead of the competition with 24/7 support for your customers

How does CallHero work?

Set up your secretary, enter your business hours, and let us do the rest. CallHero has templates for all business needs



A Customer calls

A contact is calling? Your phone will ring as usual



Secretary Answers

Caller isn’t a contact? Your secretary picks up



Call Screening

CallHero speaks to your customer and understands what their needs are




The call rings and you’re given all the information needed to close the deal

Your data is protected Secure and Encrypted

Rest assured, we take security very seriously.

CallHero uses bank level security measures when handling your information. Your information is fully encrypted and stored locally on your device.  

We do not sell your data and will never use it in any way without your permission. 

Finally, a digital secretary service that actually works


Calls answered by CallHero

in the last 24 hours 

CallHero gives you a new layer of control over incoming calls. Starting today you can manage your calls with the touch of a button. Focus on your work and let us handle the rest.


The Ultimate Call Management Solution

Free up your time with a Digital Secretary.

Join the beta now, FREE for a limited time!

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