Counterproductive Behaviours Small Businesses Need to Break in 2020

Counterproductive Behaviours Small Businesses Need to Break in 2020

Have You Ever Wondered Which Behaviours Will Help You Work Better?

Day to day responsibilities and tasks for small businesses can be tedious and time-consuming. Small business owners may find themselves missing good opportunities to grow their business due to missing key steps in the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. You can change your morning routine, or make the necessary adjustments to your work routine, but unfortunately there is not a specific efficiency formula, but we do have some advice for you: Research shows that people can achieve a good efficient job by not multitasking, and changing their behaviours by focusing only on one task at a time

Learn behaviours you can change in order to improve your productivity

Here is a list of three behaviours and ways you can manage your small business efficiently while breaking bad habits:

  • Lacklustre Employee Training

Small businesses rely heavily on their diligent staff. In fact, business’s employees are often a key part of why new customers would come back upon their first interaction. Good communication between your employees and customers is what will keep your new customers and bring you new ones. One way to help your business to the customer communication channel is by using CallHero.

CallHero is a digital secretary app that allows clients to book appointments and automatically screen calls from numbers that are not in your contacts and makes sure you know who’s calling and why. The features from Callhero will aid in smooth communication between your business and the customer by allowing your employees to make sure your customers acquire what they need with efficiency upon initial contact. 

  • Poor Correspondence

As a small business owner, day to day tasks can be very time-consuming. You can distribute your time more efficiently by using CallHero’s digital secretary to collect your calls and appointments without any involvement. Using a reliable software like CallHero will allow you to increase productivity in the correspondence between your business and customers.

  • Just guessing?

With all the customer data your business has, you may not realise what your consumer’s preferences are. It is imperative to a small business to regularly review which type of channels of communication are valuable to your customers. Whether it’s web traffic, phone calls, social media or emails, each forum can be analysed for efficiency.

By paying attention to which forums are engaged with by consumers most frequently, you can plan where you market your business accordingly instead of guessing which platforms to use.

By using
CallHero, your business is able to have a digital agent to handle customer calls and see which types of common questions are being asked. CallHero’s software will allow your business to make changes to your platforms that are addressing questions.

For more overwhelming and complicated this is, there is still hope. Do not let customers get away from you anymore. Do not take this for granted. Let us help you change your bad behaviours within your business by using CallHero.

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