Win the battle against spam calls.

Not sure about an incoming call? Decline to forward it to Callhero. You’ll get a notification with who’s calling and why. Decide whether to answer, postpone or block calls. No more guessing

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Frustrated by spam calls?
Let CallHero answer for you.

CallHero protects you from calls you don't want

We love getting calls from people we like but hate random calls that disturb our day just because someone has our number.

So we reinvented incoming calls. With CallHero, you only answer the calls you need. Let us handle the rest.

Get rid of unwanted calls, for good.

How does it work? When you get a call from a number you don’t know,  decline it to forward it to our service.  Our AI assistant will screen the call for you and deliver only the calls you want to answer.


Decline suspisious calls to redirect to CallHero


CallHero’s AI assistant will ask who’s calling and why


You get the caller’s answer in the form of a text notification.


Decide if you want to answer, block & mark as spam and more

Finally, a spam-call blocking service that actually works

 Answering random calls draws your attention and requires you to stop what you’re doing. CallHero lets you take care of calls with a glance and a press of a button.

No more random calls

Get your call screening assistant , free up your time.

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