Win the battle against Robocalls.

Callhero screens incoming calls for you. Not sure about a call? decline to forward it to Callhero. You’ll immediately get a text notification with who’s calling and why.

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Say goodbye to robocalls
And hello to call screening

CallHero protects you from unwanted calls

We all get calls we absolutely need to take, from job interviews to emergency calls. Spammers and telemarketers make it impossible. 

So we reinvented incoming calls. Call screening means you only answer the calls you need. Let your new AI assistant handle the rest.

What makes CallHero better

Current Robocall-blocking services and apps rely primarily on blacklists of known scam numbers. The problem is, scammers now have the technology to spoof any Caller ID they want.

This makes all the leading solutions obsolete.

CallHero changes the rules of the game. Instead of filtering irrelevant numbers, call screening focuses on what the caller says.

How does CallHero work?

 When you get a call from an unknown number,  decline it to forward it to CallHero.  Your AI assistant will screen the call for you.


Decline an incoming call to redirect it to CallHero


CallHero’s AI assistant will ask who’s calling and why


You get the caller’s answer as a text notification.


Decide if you want to answer, mark as spam and more

Private and Secure. By Design.

Rest assured, we take security very seriously.

CallHero uses high level security measures when handling your information. Your information is fully encrypted and stored locally on your device. 

We do not sell your data and will never use it in any way without your permission. 

Finally, a spam-call blocking service that actually works

 Answering random calls draws your attention and requires you to stop what you’re doing. CallHero lets you take care of calls with a glance and a press of a button.

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