Say Hello To Your New Digital Secretary & Spam Blocker.

CallHero is a digital secretary app that screens your calls for you when you’re busy. Whether you’re trying to block spam calls, let clients book appointments, or just sound professional, we have you covered.

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Say goodbye to unknown calls

CallHero answers calls when you can’t

We reinvented Incoming calls. Our next generation AI Secretary automatically screens calls from numbers that are not in your contacts, and makes sure you know who’s calling and why.

What else can the digital secretary do?

Sure you can hire a real-life secretary, but it’s expensive and how will they combat spam calls? Even if they download a “call blocking” app, those solutions are now obsolete.

CallHero changes the rules of the game. CallHero’s AI Secretary filters calls based on what the caller actually says, so you can make informed decisions about calls in real time.

How does CallHero work?

 When you get a call from an unknown number,  decline it to forward it to CallHero.  Your AI Secreary will screen the call for you.


One of your contacts is calling? Your phone will ring as usual


An unknown number is calling? Our AI will ask who’s calling and why


CallHero’s AI detects whether the call is real or not.


Only real calls ring and you’re given the name and reason for the call

Private and Secure. By Design.

Rest assured, we take security very seriously.

CallHero uses high level security measures when handling your information. Your information is fully encrypted and stored locally on your device. 

Your privacy means the world to us and this is why we will never ask you for personal information that you don’t feel comfortable giving


We do not sell your data and will never use it in any way without your permission. 

Finally, a solution that can truly manage all of your phone calls

 Answering random calls draws your attention and requires you to stop what you’re doing. CallHero lets you take care of calls with a glance and a press of a button.

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